Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I am hoping to start a new tradition of PJs on Christmas Eve. I had to go to 5 different stores. Aspen needed ones with feet and that is hard to find them that big. Lily needed all cotton due to skin sensitivities. I don't want to do Christmasy (sp?) PJs because I think it looks weird to have Santa on your PJs in February. Anyway, the above picture is of this year's collection taken on Christmas Eve. Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Halloween 2009

This Halloween was pretty fun. The kids were not super into Trick or Treating but they played along. The weather was pretty good. The twins were chickens and they kept warm in their fuzzy costumes. Aspen was a Shabby Princess. She actually wore the headband for awhile. I had like four shirts on her to keep her warm. Next year I will try to be more creative and make costumes. I had a vision of what I wanted my pictures to look like, how they would smile and look at the camera and all that good stuff. I think it is the age but they didn't want to cooperate in the least. I couldn't get all three of them to look or smile to save my life so this is the best I could do.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Aspen is 9

I can't believe I am old enough to have a 9 year old. Aspen had a great birthday! She had a party in her homeroom class on Fri. and then her party on Sat. and then a party in her resource class on her real birthday on Mon. We are so glad she has so many nice friends. Thanks to everyone for making her special day or days fun.

Baby Blues

If you click on this picture it will blow it up and it looks much more dramatic.

The chase is on

Unfortunately I think this is going to be the story of their lives.

Lily's Haircut

I didn't show the pictures of her crying. She wasn't too happy once they sprayed the cold water on her head. I think the whole thing was a waste and I should have just done it myself except that I was worried I would make a huge mistake and have to take her anyway. Oh well, I get some really pineapple detangler that smells heavenly.

I'm a big kid now

These guys went from crawling to walking to running in a matter of weeks it seemed. They are big kids now. Lily can say all done, uh oh and has 16 teeth. Jude is into everything and has superhuman strength. They keep me on my toes.

Air Crew

It looks like these guys are ready to work on an air strip. We got these head phone things for Aspen so she can use them to block out noise when it gets too loud for her. We are also hoping if she learns to wear these she will begin to like wearing headphones for an MP3 player. Right now that freaks her out but she loves music so it would be great if she could get over her fear of having something over her ears. As you can tell she isn't too thrilled with these either but this was the first day. She has since worn them for 5 min. straight. That is improvement at least. The babies like them more that she does. Maybe that will motivate Aspen.

Preppy Yoda

Here is Yoda's new shirt. Is he stylin' or what?

Fall Harvest

I had to bring in all my tomatoes to avoid them all freezing and they are actually ripening. I guess I will be making a big batch of salsa. These carrots are way to gnarly for me. I did cut them up and use them in soup. They tasted fine but they look so scary I don't think I will plant them next year. I really enjoyed having a garden this year. I grew raspberries, strawberries, carrots, lettuce, spinach, zuchinni, corn and tomatoes. I dried my cornstalk and am going to use them by the front door to decorate with pumkins and hay for Halloween.

A big milestone

Aspen is finally learning to put on her own shoes. She does really well with these but now that it is getting colder we will see how tennis shoes go. Thank goodness for velcro.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Jude is back

Finally my son is a boy again. I have begged Daren to let me cut Jude's hair for a couple of months. He was very firm. That is when I threatened him with the dress and bow. It didn't matter to him. He did not want me to cut it. Finally I said, "I am making an appointment and that is that." Daren finally agreed the time had come. All that drama and I think the lady only took 1/2 inch off. I wanted to buzz the back and sides and spike the top but maybe in a cut or two we can go drastic. My husband and mom might have disowned me if I would have done that today. I think we are just afraid he won't be a baby anymore. He is growing up. What a sweety!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Twilight trip

I was so excited and so sad all at the same time. We were headed to a place called Ocean Shores in Washington when we went to Daren's family reunion. On the way I saw this sign. I was so excited. I thought we were really close and we were. Only about 30 miles away was Forks. We were headed for the beach though and were caravaning with family. Otherwise I so would have made Daren take me there. So close yet so far away. Bummer.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Over the river and through the woods...

To Grandmother's house we go. We went to the beach and mini golfing and wading in the mini pool. The kids all seemed to have fun.

Monday, July 20, 2009

I need a dog like a need a hole in the head...

Daren had been bugging me to get another dog for over a year. I finally caved and I don't know what I was thinking. It has caused all kinds of drama. He still isn't potty trained. He is on probation. If he can't behave we will have to find him a new home. We have had him for a couple months now so we will see how the next little while goes. His name is Einstein and he is 6 mon. old.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Fourth Family Fun

We skipped the official fireworks this year. Nothing can compare to Omaha. I think it will all be anticlimactic from here on out. We didn't even do sparklers. I looked everywhere for them and I finally found them at one stand but the line was at least 20 min. long and there were 6 people waiting in the car for me. I guess I should be glad, then Daren can't try to make any sparkler bombs. What party poopers we were. The kids had a very bad day with lots of tears and every one went to be early. There is always next year. Hope you all had a great fourth.