Thursday, January 17, 2008

Thank you!

We just wanted to thank everyone for all of their support. It has meant so much to us and helped immensely. We are doing well. I still find it hard every time I see something that belonged to the girls but hopefully with time this will get easier. We appreciate and love you all.

Friday, January 11, 2008

The legal system stinks!

Just an update on our court date. It did not go well. Everyone was already pretty much set on sending the girls home. It really didn't much matter what I said. It was pretty sad because the girls were already gone so we didn't even get to say good-bye. There is a follow up team that will be meeting with her family twice a week through the end of Feb. and then she has court the beginning of April to see if the State is ready to close the case.

Our house is very quiet and we are truly and deeply going to miss them. I have felt much comfort from my Heavenly Father and from the support of friends and family. I am grateful to know that for whatever reason this is part of His greater plan. Thank you for all the support you have given us during this stressful and difficult time in our lives.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Christmas in Omaha

We just stayed here this year and it was nice and relaxing. I think we have gotten more snow earlier than the other years we have been here. This picture was taken at the Kanesville Tabernacle in Council Bluffs, IA which was a fun historical site to visit. They had a gingerbread house and Christmas tree display. Aspen got her picture taken with Santa at a Christmas party we went to at Children's Hospital. The twins were sick every time we wanted to go. Hopefully we will get a chance next year. I am guessing this is the year they would have been really freaked out anyway. We had the twins for Christmas Eve and they had to go on a visit Christmas Day so we did some things early. Their court date is actually the 9th which is this Wednesday. We are anxious to see what the judge has to say but fear that most of the other people involved intend for the girls to go home. We wanted to avoid this if possible but it seems likely. We are still anticipating that their mom won't want to or be able to handle the situation for long. We will keep you posted. My next Dr. appt is this Tuesday. I will probably get more ultrasound photos as he said he wanted to do one every two weeks. The babies will have really grown so it will be fun to see the changes. We are hoping to know the genders by around 16 weeks. Life is never boring at our house. I guess that is good. It keeps us out of trouble.