Friday, February 22, 2008

Pink or Blue?

After weeks of anticipation we finally found out what we are having. One of each. We are so excited and feel like we are getting the best of both worlds. Daren finally gets his boy and I get to have another girl to play dress up with. The boy weighs 6 oz. and the girl weighs 7 oz. They are both doing well and seem very active. We can't wait to meet them. Daren wasn't able to come to the ultrasound so I didn't want to tell him over the phone. I went and bought little presents in the appropriate colors. I gave him the pink one first and he was a little nervous they were both going to be girls. When he saw blue it was all good. Finally some more testosterone.

Better Late Than Never

Sorry we didn't wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day. I just barely loaded my camera on to the computer with these pictures on it. Hope you all had a day filled with love!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Still Waiting

I had an ultrasound yesterday and was hoping that the Dr. would be able to tell what we were having. He said it was still to early. Other than that the babies are fine and their heartbeat was strong. We'll keep you posted.

Friday, February 8, 2008

I love to read!

Aspen loves to read. She could read all day long. What she is saying is beyond me but I think she knows more than we think. The other day I was pointing to pictures in a book and she was repeating what I said. I hadn't gotten to one of the pictures yet and she pointed and said, "Chocolate!" We don't even give her that much candy and never a whole candy bar so I wondered how that was the one picture she knew without needing me to say it first. I guess better that she is looking at chocolate than the gun magazine Daren is reading. What was he thinking?

Friday, February 1, 2008

I don't think we have ever posted any pictures of Yoda for those of you who have never seen him. We think he looks more like a bat or a lama or a seal if you pin his ears back. He was even smaller when we got him and all ears, hence the name. We got him a couple of years ago for Aspen to have someone to play with and to teach her to be more gentle. They play tug o war sometimes but mostly just respect each other's space. I have never been a dog person but ironically he has become "my" dog. He is very well behaved, cuddly and only barks out of protectiveness. He doesn't bark if no one is home. He now weighs a whopping 3 and a half pounds. We love him and are glad to have him as part of the family.
P.S. I had an ultrasound yesterday and everything looks good. We should be able to find out what we are having in two weeks. Because of their heart rates the Dr. thinks they are both the same gender and most likely identical. We shall see.