Saturday, December 11, 2010

Church dress

I cannnot keep clothes on the kids even now that it is winter. Jude doesn't want to wear any and Lily just wants to have a shirt on inside out and backwards with mismatched socks and pants on backwards. This is pretty much their uniform everyday. Like I said before, I like to take pictures of them on Sunday because they are definitely dressed and they actually match and look mostly presentable. Lily had to make a quick call before heading out to the car.

Our 14th

A friend of mine whose anniversary is a couple of weeks before mine reminded me that ours was coming up. It took me by surprise and when she asked how many years it had been I said,"Oh like 11 or so." Then I actually counted and realized it had been 14. Time flies when you are having fun they say. This was just a shot taken by our waitress. Daren surprised me with reservations to a nice new restaurant and tickets to a play. I told Daren that was the present I had been waiting for for 14 years. For him to plan something as a surprise ahead of time. Well worth the wait. It was the best present.

Dad plus two

Just a cute little moment to capture all three of these cuties in one place.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Aspen at her best

First Dentist Appt.

Church Clothes

I like taking pictures before church because it is usually the only time during the week that everyone's outfit matches and their hair is done and sometimes their face is even clean. If I wait til after church I might as well forget it.

Where's Einstein?

McCall Revisited

We loved McCall so much we went back again. It was a blustery day but the kids still had a great time.

Some September Stuff

The first one is of the twins begging for their dinner. The second one is of tubby time. The last one is of Aspen in what she wore for picture day but that is not how I did her hair so maybe it was after school I guess.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Cabin in McCall

Monday, August 2, 2010

24th of July

We went panning for gold up by Pine and Featherville. The kids had a blast. Jude even looks like he knows what he is doing. Fun trip.

Friday, July 30, 2010

New bed for Jude and Lily

We had so many problems with the twins and beds that we figured if we gave them a King sized mattress that weighed more than them they wouldn't be able to move it or hurt themselves with it. They LOVE it!

4th of July

We went to a place called Garden Valley to see the fireworks. It was in a very beautiful valley and we had front row seats which in retrospect was probably too close. The kids had fun beforehand but the fireworks were too much for all of them. We had a nice picnic lunch when we weren't trying to keep the twins out of the porta potties or other people's fireworks. The little animals on their backs are leashes we have started using but we had taken the strap off for good behavior. It is hard to keep an eye on those two at the same time.

Lily Loves Hats

Lily's hair is in transition as her bangs grow out. They are always in her face so I was thrilled when her new obsession became hats. Of course Jude had to join in the fun.

Jude and Lily's Second bday

We took the kids to Red Robin for their bday and they wouldn't eat anything but the chips I brought from home. We went to the pool and then naps, presents and cake. They didn't really get into the cake thing til I gave them forks. How polite they are. It was fun and we are so glad to have made it to two. Now if we can only make it to three.

Cherry Festival

Well we went to the Cherry Festival in Emmett and because of the weather there weren't really any cherries yet but we had fun anyway. We had fry bread for the first time since living in AZ over 6 years ago and the kids enjoyed the petting zoo. I also got a henna tattoo which I have wanted for years. Fun Fun Fun!

Swimming is fun

The next day we went back to the pool in swim suits and had a blast. I really love the pool here. It has a beach entrance so the kids can just walk in.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Park and Pool

We went to the park and the kids love the slides. We didn't intend on going to the pool but it is right next to the park and so we were just going to put our feet in. Jude made some cute footprints on the sidewalk. I had to capture the memory.

My Peony Garden

I didn't even know what a Peony looked like really and then when we moved here there was one plant in front that got one flower and I thought it was so pretty. Daren ended up buying 3 more and this year we had 10-15 flowers. I just love them and I love spring. This post is was late but better than never. I had cut some and brought them in and put them next to the most recent picture of Jude and Lily.