Saturday, December 11, 2010

Church dress

I cannnot keep clothes on the kids even now that it is winter. Jude doesn't want to wear any and Lily just wants to have a shirt on inside out and backwards with mismatched socks and pants on backwards. This is pretty much their uniform everyday. Like I said before, I like to take pictures of them on Sunday because they are definitely dressed and they actually match and look mostly presentable. Lily had to make a quick call before heading out to the car.

Our 14th

A friend of mine whose anniversary is a couple of weeks before mine reminded me that ours was coming up. It took me by surprise and when she asked how many years it had been I said,"Oh like 11 or so." Then I actually counted and realized it had been 14. Time flies when you are having fun they say. This was just a shot taken by our waitress. Daren surprised me with reservations to a nice new restaurant and tickets to a play. I told Daren that was the present I had been waiting for for 14 years. For him to plan something as a surprise ahead of time. Well worth the wait. It was the best present.

Dad plus two

Just a cute little moment to capture all three of these cuties in one place.