Sunday, January 25, 2009

Lily's New Do

Lily lost all the hair on the sides and back of her head so all she had left was this mop so as much as I didn't want to cut her baby hair it just got looking too weird. Hopefully cutting it will help her hair grow faster.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

First Food

We waited quite awhile to feed the babies cereal. They were having some constipation problems and we had to change their formula so I waited til that was all settled out. They weren't sure what to think. Lily just spit everything out. Jude just made funny faces as we kept scooping it back in his mouth. I love firsts.

Monday, January 19, 2009

The best present ever

We had a white elephant exchange on Christmas Eve and Aspen picked these jars of candy. It made for hours of entertainment and I think it was her favorite present this year. The funny thing is she didn't even eat any. It's the simple things.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Smiley Girl

It is so great to catch a picture of Aspen's sweet smile without the distraction of her being inside out, upside down and backwards. Here are a couple of her from Christmas break. She was sweet enough to give her room to grandma and grandpa and the one picture was of the cute dress grandma gave her for Christmas. Unfortunately the best one ended up being one where you couldn't see the whole dress. It looks really cute. Thanks grandma.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Five and Six Months

Sorry I have fallen off the planet. We had company for Christmas and then I have been sick for 2 weeks. Here are the pictures of the babies at 5 and 6 mon. Hope you all had a Happy Holidays.