Friday, October 23, 2015

FDREL 121 Post #2

The reading assignment for this week was 2 Nephi Chapters 9-16. I had a difficult time getting through these chapters. They are "Isaiah" chapters. That has always intimidated me. The lead student, Ruth Anne, showed us a book by John Bytheway called "Isaiah for Airheads." I think I really need to get that book. She says it has really helped her. I might not have gotten as much as I had hoped out of my reading for the week but I really did enjoy the gathering. I learned a lot from the study skill Ruth Anne presented. She chose "Principles and Doctrine." She gave us a handout (pictured below) that really had some great points. My favorite are the points of what doctrine and principles are. Doctrine is: synonymous with the truths of salvation, unchanging truth, eternal laws and fundamental beliefs. Principles are: enduring truth, laws, rules that lead to obedience to God and they are portable. I liked the discussion the class had about how principles are portable. They are true anytime, anywhere and in any circumstance. Ruth Anne said how grateful she was to be able to teach the lesson and how much she personally learned and gained from it. I will definitely be looking for more principles and doctrine in my daily reading.

Friday, October 9, 2015

FEDREL 121 "Putting It All Together" Assignment

This has been a really fun excuse to get on to my blog. I haven't posted in 4 years. Life has sure changed a lot in those 4 years. Due to the changes in the last year I am now working more than part time, after being a stay at home mom for 12 years, and have entered the Pathway program with the intention of finishing my degree. I am excited to share what I have learned from this week's class. The reading assignment for this week was 1 Nephi 15-22. Nephi had built the boat and they were traveling by sea. Laman and Lemuel became angry and bound Nephi to a pole. Nephi was very concerned about the fate of the ship and the family. He knew that they were not worthy of the guidance of Heavenly Father when they were being wicked. The Liahona was no longer working and the ship was without direction. He had been bound so long that his arms and legs were sore and swollen. One of the most important things I learned was that through all of these trials and afflictions Nephi did not murmur. He praised God in gratitude. My classmate used an example of how when he was doing his classwork, he tried swiping the screen of his iPad and it didn't immediately cooperate. He was frustrated and began complaining. He compared that to Nephi and his real difficulties. He talked about how he wanted to become more like Nephi. Our lead student also talked about wanting to be like Nephi. He talked about how Nephi was Christlike. I realized for the first time that one of the ways that Nephi was Christlike was that he gave honor and glory to his earthly Father and his Heavenly Father. He never took the credit himself for anything. Christ also gave all the glory to his Father. We should all strive to be more Christlike in all ways but this was a similarity between Christ and Nephi that I had never seen before.